EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Right-Wing Artist Sabo Takes Aim at Jussie Smollett in New Street Art in Los Angeles

Right-wing street artist Sabo is taking aim at Jussie Smollett in an impressive new poster campaign on the streets of Los Angeles.

The Gateway Pundit reached out to Sabo after seeing photos of one of the posters and he confirmed the work is his.

One of the posters feature Smollett in a Make America Great Again hat and the words “this is MAGA country” behind him.

“For your consideration — Jussie Smollett for best actor in a drama,” the poster reads — along with the title “BlackkKlansman.”


Another photo of a poster provided to The Gateway Pundit features Smollett with the words “Black Prankster,” and “for your consideration — best fictional story.”



Other posters also took aim at Democratic Governor Ralph Northam along with Smollett.

When asked what motivated his latest street art campaign, Sabo said that Smollett has made the political landscape more dangerous for people who support the president.

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“With race relations being as bad as they are this thoughtless idiot could very well have started a race war,” Sabo told the Gateway Pundit. “Not to mention I wear a red MAGA hat. I’ve been called all sorts of things that I’m not for simply wearing it. He didn’t make that any safer for those who wear that hat or for those who support the President.”

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