Revenge of the Fascists: House Democrat Thugs Ask IRS for Trump’s Tax Returns — So They Can Leak Things to the Press

Revenge of the Fascists–
President Trump won the election so now he must be destroyed.

Democrats-the mainstream media-Hollywood elites have been working for over two years to get President Trump thrown out of office.
They have used every tactic to lie, smear and destroy President Trump and his supporters.

As dirty cop Robert Mueller’s witch hunt winds down Democrats are desperate to rid the country of this rogue president.


Now Democrats are requesting President Trump’s tax forms.
Democrats hope that if they are able to scour through the billionaire’s tax returns they will likely find something they can pin on him.

The Democrats are nothing more than fascists.
Their tactics are straight from the communist playbook.

SIGN THE PETITION: End The Robert Muller “Witch Hunt” For Good! reported:

House Democrats have asked for a confidential copy of President Trump’s tax returns from the IRS, but obtaining them won’t be simple or fast, Rep. Don Beyer, D-Va., said during an interview on Yahoo News’ “Skullduggery” podcast. Beyer said Democrats will need a “good legal rationale” to request Trump’s financial documents, adding that he believes the questions surrounding Trump’s ties to Russia are sufficient reason to ask for the documents.

Beyer is a member of the powerful House Committee on Ways and Means, which has the power to obtain a copy of President Trump’s tax returns thanks to an obscure law that’s almost a century old.

Trump’s tax returns have been something of a holy grail for Democrats who have consistently requested the release of the documents, particularly given the questions surrounding foreign business dealings at Trump’s sprawling real estate company. Beyer predicted that his committee will ultimately be able to get their hands on Trump’s elusive financial documents. But he explained that there are several obstacles to the process.

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