Report: PRESIDENT TRUMP Frees Up $8 Billion to Build Border Wall (VIDEO)

Congressional negotiators announced on Monday night they have a border wall funding agreement they believe President Trump will sign into law.

The agreement was announced by a group of lawmakers led by Republican Sen. Richard Shelby and Democratic Rep. Nita Lowey, after a closed-door meeting on Capitol Hill.

On Wednesday FOX News announced Democrats slipped a “poison pill” into the deal that will prevent the 55 miles of wall from being built.


But the agreement is even worse than what is being reported.

The agreement specifies areas where Trump cannot build any wall.

On Thursday night the US House passed the border bill.

President Trump will reportedly use $8 billion from various government agencies to build the wall

Brian Kilmeade broke the news on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Thursday.
Transcript via The Daily Caller:

“I just got off the phone with Mick Mulvaney, chief of staff, and the answer is a resounding ‘Yes.’ Now for the first time, you will hear how much it is and where the money is coming from.
It’s going to be about $8 billion. He had the $1.3, then $600 million will come from the Treasury, the Treasury forfeiture front. $2.5 billion out of DoD. They consulted with Mick Mulvaney and the White House over the last few months on what they could actually do and they are going to use some money they feel they can spare on the drug interdiction account,” he continued. “Then they came across with $3.5 billion for the military, the military construction budget.”

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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