REPORT: New York Prosecutors Planning to Subpoena Trump Inauguration Committee

In December it was reported that New York federal prosecutors were investigating Trump’s inauguration spending.

Then-President elect Donald Trump received $107 million in donations to his inaugural committee and the feds launched a fishing expedition to see if the funds were misspent.

This investigation into Trump’s inauguration committee stems from the April FBI raid of Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen’s home and office.

Now this…

ABC News reported on Monday that SDNY prosecutors have reached out to Trump’s inauguration committee and plan to subpoena the organization for documents — in other words, more oppo research on Donald Trump under the guise of a lawful investigation.

As Mueller’s witch hunt reportedly winds down, the thugs in the Southern District of New York begin to widen yet another investigation into Trump which will continue to leave a cloud over his presidency.

According to ABC News, lawyers for the inauguration committee were contacted midday Monday and asked if they could accept a subpoena for documents from federal prosecutors, according to sources familiar.

Feds are concerned with the ‘foreign guests’ who were present at Donald Trump’s inaugural event — there is nothing out of the ordinary about foreigners attending a US presidential inauguration but, Orange man bad.

One guest in particular the feds, and Mueller were interested in is of course a Russian — Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg was questioned about donating money to Trump through his company’s US affiliate, Columbus Nova, to Michael Cohen.

Of course that was fake news — Vekselberg never made a contribution to Trump’s inauguration.

In reality, Viktor Vekselberg’s cousin, Andrew Intrater, an AMERICAN citizen made $300,000 in donations to Trump’s campaign and inaugural fund, but the liars in the media needed their ‘Trump-Russia’ headlines.

Viktor Vekselberg is now on the Treasury Department’s list of sanctioned Russian oligarchs.

Last year, Mueller and his team of angry Democrats questioned several witnesses about millions in donations from donors with connections to Russia, Saudi Arabia and Qatar and zeroed in on Sam Patten, a political consultant who revealed, as part of a plea deal that he took $50,000 to buy tickets for a Ukrainian businessman who wanted to attend Trump’s inauguration. Wow, so scandalous.

In other words, Mueller and the feds have NOTHING, yet they will seek to indict more of Trump’s associates on process crimes.

President Trump must fight back; the Deep State is using federal prosecutors out of New York to harass and potentially imprison Trump.

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