REPORT: DOJ Investigating Leak of Michael Cohen’s Bank Records – Criminal Charges May Be Announced Soon

The Department of Justice is reportedly investigating the leak of Michael Cohen’s confidential bank records, according to CNN.

Prosecutors with the US attorney’s office in the Northern District of California are leading the criminal and criminal charges could be announced soon, CNN said.


On April 9, 2018 FBI agents raided the office of one of Trump’s personal lawyers Michael Cohen at the request of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Michael Cohen was President Trump’s personal attorney at the time.

The Mueller mob took all of his records and emails.

One month later — Cohen’s financial documents were leaked to the porn star Stormy Daniels’s shady attorney Michael Avenatti.

Michael Cohen made a “hush payment” to porn star Stormy Daniels  through Essential Consultants LLC, a shell company that Mr. Cohen created — A lawyer representing Cohen insisted his bank records were illegally obtained.

Michael Avenatti refused to divulge his source of the bank records but he suggested Cohen’s bank transactions were in a SAR, or ‘suspicious activity report.’

A bank will file a SAR with the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network if certain transactions raise red flags. It is illegal for a bank to disclose the contents or identity of a SAR.

The Treasury Department’s inspector general previously launched an investigation into how Stormy Daniels’s lawyer Michael Avenatti obtained confidential banking records concerning a company controlled by Michael Cohen — that investigation is still ongoing.

Shortly after Michael Avenatti posted Michael Cohen’s bank records online last May, a “law enforcement official” admitted to The New Yorker to leaking Cohen’s bank records.

According to the official who leaked the report, these sars were absent from the database maintained by the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, or fincen. The official, who has spent a career in law enforcement, told me, “I have never seen something pulled off the system. . . . That system is a safeguard for the bank. It’s a stockpile of information. When something’s not there that should be, I immediately became concerned.” The official added, “That’s why I came forward.”

The name of the leaker was withheld from the public.

Robert Barnes predicted last May that the leaker was likely a person out of the Southern District of New York or one of Mueller’s thugs.

Hopefully we will find out soon who this leaker is!