PICTURED: Unhinged 63-Year-Old Former ‘Alinsky-Style Community Organizer’ Facing an Assault Charge For Attacking Kellyanne Conway

Mary Elizabeth Inabinett, photo via the Daily Mail

Pictured: Mary Elizabeth Inabinett, the unhinged 63-year-old liberal woman who assaulted President Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway at a Maryland restaurant in October.

Kellyanne Conway spoke with CNN last Friday about a violent assault by an “out of control” woman at a restaurant in October.

Mary Elizabeth Inabinett, 63, from Chevy Chase, approached Conway and started “screaming her head off,” inside of Uncle Julio’s, a Mexican restaurant in Bethesda, Maryland.


Her lawyer, William Alden McDaniel Jr., told CNN that Inabinett was only exercising her First Amendment right to express her opinion when she grabbed Kellyanne Conway, shook her repeatedly and screamed in her face — in front of her teenage daughter!

Mary Elizabeth Inabinett is pleading not guilty to the attack.

Mary Elizabeth Inabinett describes herself as an ‘Alinsky-style community organizer’ on her LinkedIn page – she is married to the CEO of Oceana, a $43 million environmental charity, the Daily Mail reported.

The Alinskyite attacker faces a March trial for second-degree assault in Montgomery County, Maryland – she could also be charged with a federal crime in addition to a state-level crime, according to the Justice Department.

Mrs. Inabinett attacked Kellyanne Conway in a restaurant after Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters called on people to intimidate and harass members of Trump’s cabinet — when is Maxine Waters going to be held accountable for her calls for violence against Trump supporters?

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