Paul Manafort Sentencing Memo: Dirty Cop Mueller Wants Manafort to Die Behind Bars – Seeks 20 to 24 Years in Prison

Dirty cop Robert Mueller wants Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, 69, to die in prison.

On Friday, Robert Mueller issued a sentencing memo recommending Paul Manafort, who will turn 70 in April, serve between 19.5 to 24.5 years in prison.

In other words, Paul Manafort should die in prison for the crime of associating with Donald Trump — the crimes Manafort is being charged with were dug up by the criminal and corrupt Andrew Weissmann as revenge.

The sentencing memo also recommends Manafort pay a fine of up to $24 million, restitution of more than $24 million and forfeiture in the amount of more than $4 million, reported CBS.

“Manafort did not commit these crimes out of necessity or hardship,” the sentencing memo reads. “He was well-educated, professionally successful and financially well off. He nonetheless cheated the United States Treasury and the public out of more than $6 million in taxes at a time when he had substantial resources. Manafort committed bank fraud to supplement his liquidity because his lavish spending exhausted his substantial cash resources when his overseas income dwindled.”

Mueller then callously brushed off Paul Manafort’s age.

“Nothing about the defendant’s age is unusual. Tax offenders are often older and often, like the defendant, wealthy, but they nonetheless receive substantial terms of incarceration notwithstanding age and health issues,” the sentencing memo says.

Last summer a jury in the eastern district of Virginia convicted Paul Manafort on 8 counts of bank and tax fraud. Manafort also pleaded to two felonies and entered a plea deal with the government and promised to cooperate.

The corrupt and criminal Obama-appointed Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled this week that Paul Manafort intentionally lied to Mueller and the FBI and voided his plea deal.

Paul Manafort also faces an addition maximum of 10 years in prison on the two felonies counts, reported CBS News.

President Trump should pardon every American caught up in Mueller’s inquisition and put an end to the rogue special counsel.

“Shut it down,” Tom Fitton said, calling the sentencing of Manafort an “abuse of power by Mueller.”

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