Nathan Phillips Pushes Camera and Runs When Confronted By Reporter About Covington (VIDEO)

Far-left activist and valor thief Nathan Phillips hit a Breitbart reporter’s camera and ran when confronted about why he had approached the Covington Catholic students.

Phillips was at a protest against the border wall outside the White House.

Matthew Perdie was filming the protest for Breitbart when he attempted to speak to Phillips. The far-left activist smacked his camera and bolted — in a really cartoonish fashion.

“He pushed me and immediately fled after I asked him the question,” Perdie told TGP.


It appears that Phillips ironically doesn’t like people getting “up in his face.” Perhaps it would have been okay if Perdie was banging a drum while he approached him.

The disgraced activist also spoke at the protest on Monday afternoon.

“I come to you this morning, humbly, request[ing] that you help resist this wall, this national emergency,” Philips began, according to a report from Breitbart. “[President Trump’s] calling for this wall on the Southern border. Our indigenous people have been here for a memorial and the wall that is planned separates families, separates our nations. We don’t see where it’s necessary. We have so many crises here in our country.”

Lin Wood, the attorney representing Nick Sandmann, announced earlier this month that he intends to sue Phillips for his “defamatory lies” about the students.

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