LIGHTS OUT: Malkin Boycotts Social Media With #48dark In Honor Of Laura Loomer, Gateway Pundit, And So Many Other’s De-platformed By Big Tech

Michelle Malkin is turning off social media for 48 hours in protest of the silencing and de-platforming of people who run afoul of progressive big tech gate keepers who, since losing the election of 2016, have taken a heavy hand in silencing any voices they feel contributed to that loss.

Laura Loomer was recently banned from twitter after the tech giant worked with the radical Islamist group, CAIR to silence her.

The Gateway Pundit’s own Cristina Laila has suffered at the hands of Twitter, who recently sent her a letter informing her that she was in violation of Pakistani sharia law, and that she might want to consult with legal professionals.

This is only the beginning.

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