Kurt Eichenwald Threatened the Covington Pro-Life Kids, Said They Should Lawyer Up — The Kids Lawyered Up and Now Kurt Is Getting Sued

Former Newsweek editor Kurt Eichenwald has a history of attacking children.

In March 2018 Eichenwald attacked pro-2A Parkland high school student Kyle Kashuv on Twitter.

Eichenwald tried to backpedal with an apology to Kyle Kashuv then admitted he was actually trying to slam some other ‘high school kid with a podcast.’


In January Kurt Eichenwald attacked the Covington High School pro-Life boys.
Eichenwald accused the children of being infected by Trump with “Hitler valentines” and “nazi salutes.”

Eichenwald singled out the students and exposed them.

Eichenwald accused the Covington Catholic boys of going after black people.

And he warned them to lawyer up.

Kentucky Attorney Todd V. McMurtry tweeted this out on Sunday.
McMurtry is working with Lin Wood representing the Covington Catholic boys.

It looks like Kurt Eichenwald will need to lawyer up.

Just for fun, I snipped all of @kurteichenwald ‘s doxing photos and sent them over to the attorneys for those kids against whom he tried to incite violence. Not smart, Kurt. #CovingtonCatholic #CovingtonBoys

POLL: Should The Covington Students Sue The Mainstream Media?

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