IN JUST TWO WEEKS Democrat Party Welcomes Blackface, KKK Bigots, Alleged Rapist and Open Anti-Semite into Positions of Power

What a month!
In just two weeks the Democrat Party has allowed blackface, KKK, an alleged rapist and open anti-Semite into positions of power.

Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam was caught in blackface-KKK photos from his college yearbook. This was after he promoted infanticide.
In response, he announced on Sunday he would be the moral compass of the Democrat Party.

The following week Virginia Democrat Attorney General Mark Herring also announced he posed in blackface at a college party. This was after he criticized the governor for appearing in blackface.


At around the same time the Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax was accused of sexual assault and rape — by two different women.

And then on Sunday open anti-Semite Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar lashed out a billionaire Jews in an anti-Semitic tirade.

The Virginia Governor Northam, Lt. Governor Fairfax, Attorney General Herring and liberal Rep. Ilhan Omar ALL RETAIN positions of power inside the Democrat Party.

NOT ONE of these offensive characters have been removed from power!

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