HORROR! Video Shows Pakistani Soldiers Beating Downed Indian Pilot – Punching, Slapping Him, Dragging Him Through Stream

According to The Indian Express — Pakistan Air Force aircraft, presumably comprising Mirages, F16s and JF17s, crossed over into the Indian side of Line of Control (LoC) into the Rajauri-Naushera sector of Indian-controlled Kashmir. At least one Indian aircraft and possibly two aircrafts were shot down by the Pakistani military.

The Pakistanis claim the Indian aircraft crossed into Pakistani territory.

The Pakistani Army released video of the captured Indian pilot.


This video here was also released of the Indian pilot’s capture. The Pakistanis slap, beat and drag the downed pilot through a creek.

Later today the Pakistanis released another video of the captured pilot.

This video was released by the Pakistani military.

“I am Wing Commander Abhinandan, I am IAF officer. My service No is 27 981,”

The Pakistani twitter account mocks India on their captured pilot.

Via Jack Posobiec:

Here’s a longer version of the capture.

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