Here We Go… Democrats Launch Investigation Into President Trump’s Tax Returns

The House Democrats launched an investigation into President Trump’s tax returns on Thursday.

Currently there is no law requiring a presidential candidate release their tax returns, but the Democrats don’t care about laws — they want to harass President Trump.

A hearing of a Ways and Means oversight subcommittee on Thursday was meant to begin building a legal case that Trump withholding his tax returns was potentially hiding violations of federal tax laws therefore compromising US interests.

The Democrats argued in the hearing that they have legal authority to invoke an obscure provision in the federal code that allows the Chairman of the committee to access private tax information, reported the New York Times.

What comes next is far less clear. The statute in question — Section 6103 of the federal tax code — gives the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee extraordinary powers to request that the Treasury Department release to him tax information on any filer, including the president. The provision allows the committee to review the tax information privately, but it would have to vote to disclose any return information or findings to the public.

There is scant precedent for its use to investigate an individual, much less someone of Mr. Trump’s stature. That and an all but certain legal challenge from the administration will most likely leave the outcome to the federal courts.

The committee’s chairman, Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA), is working with the House’s general counsel, Doug Letter, to build a legal argument that will withstand a court challenge, reported the NY Times.

Democrat lawmakers insist they aren’t trying to ‘get Trump,’ rather, they are merely interested in following the law.

House Speaker Pelosi says Americans “overwhelmingly” want to see President Trump’s tax returns.

“Overwhelmingly, the public wants to see the president’s tax returns,” said Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California. “They want to know the truth. They want to know the facts. And he has nothing to hide.”

Congressional Republicans however are fighting back and accusing Democrats of seeking to violate Trump’s privacy and setting a very dangerous precedent.

President Trump unleashed on his Twitter account earlier Thursday, saying “The Dems and their committees are going nuts,” adding, “Presidential harassment! It should never be able to happen again!”

We still have not seen Barack Obama’s records — perhaps President Trump should unseal all of Obama’s records so the American people can know the truth.


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