Greg Gutfeld Explodes On Juan Williams, “If You Say That Again, I’m Gonna Throw You Off The Set!” (VIDEO)

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld exploded on Juan Williams during Wednesday’s airing of “The Five.”

Juan Williams, the liberal voice on the panel, twice accused Gutfeld of “Being in the bunker” with President Trump.

Gutfeld took the “bunker” comment as an antisemitic jab, comparing him to people who surrounded Hitler, and stayed in the bunker with him until their own deaths.



“If you say that again, I’m gonna throw you off the set!”

“Oh, shut up, Juan! I’m in nobody’s bunker! Enough with your bunker…” Gutfeld said. “I’m trying to be polite to someone on the panel here, which you won’t do—which you won’t do!”

Later, the panel discussed Roger Stone and Williams told Watters he was “blind” and was in the bunker with Greg.

Gutfeld blew up: “You know, if you say that again, I’m gonna throw you off the set!” Gutfeld tied the word “bunker” to Hitler.

“Because you know what ‘the bunker’ means? What you’re intimating, is that who’s in the bunker? Adolph Hitler. Correct?”

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