Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Hillary Clinton Spotted Dancing the Night Away to Cyndi Lauper (VIDEO)


Hillary Clinton was spotted dancing the night away in New York on Tuesday evening.

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton were seen on the dance floor in New York while Cindi Lauper sang “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.’


Cyndi Lauper joined Hillary Clinton on the dance floor as she sang her iconic song — Hillary danced and sang along with Cyndi Lauper.


Additional footage from Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce:

Grammy winning Producer William Wittman posted a photo of Hillary Clinton from Tuesday night.

“So at our show in New York tonight there was a particular couple dancing and singing along. Here’s one of them after the show. Sometimes this is a cool job. #CindiLauper” Wittman said in a tweet.

Hillary Clinton should be in prison for perjuring herself, destroying evidence under subpoena and mishandling classified information, not dancing the night away to Cyndi Lauper.

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