Fascist Google Takes Down Vlad Tepes YouTube Channel for Latest Video Mocking Angela Merkel

Vlad Tepes is a top conservative European website and also a prominent YouTube Channel.
The site often posts translated video clips of European far left politicians spewing nonsense and hatred against the public.

Google shutdown the Vlad Tepes YouTube Channel after a video was posted that mocked globalist leader Angela Merkel.

Gates of Vienna reported:


For the last few days there has been a concerted push by Google to age-restrict dozens of videos on Vlad’s channel, some of them years old. He also got a “community guidelines” strike, which is more serious. When the second such strike came in early this morning, YouTube pulled his channel.

We don’t know what caused this sudden wave of persecution. His videos have become more popular lately, and have been embedded at several major sites, so that may be part of the reason — he grew so tall that his head had to be cut off.

Anyway, for many months everything he has posted on YouTube has been mirrored on his BitChute channel.

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