EVMS Yearbook Staffer Takes a Blowtorch to Northam’s Claims Blackface, KKK Photo Ended Up on His Personal Page ‘Accidentally’

An Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook staffer who worked on the layout for the school’s 1984 yearbook destroyed all of Ralph Northam’s theories on how the blackface, KKK photo could have ended up on his personal page.

Dr. William Elwood worked with other students for Eastern Virginia Medical School’s 1984 yearbook — the same exact yearbook with a Klansman pictured on Ralph Northam’s personal page.

Dr. Elwood told CNN that photos for personal pages were “chosen by the individual student,” a fact that TGP reported on the same day the racist yearbook photo surfaced.

“They were submitted in a sealed envelope with their name on it to the yearbook staff, to be put on their page,” Elwood told CNN.

“The pictures for the personal ones were not just chosen at random from other pictures that might have been available at that time.”

Dr. Elwood said that it’s highly unlikely the racist photo ended up on Northam’s page by accident.

“Anything is possible, but the probability is low unless someone was out to get him and was able to get access to all this stuff,” he said. “All of this stuff was kept in a locked room, and the only time the room was unlocked was when somebody was in that room working on the yearbook.”

Ralph Northam initially admitted to being in the racist photo and apologized for the hurt he caused.

24 hours later Northam denied he was in the photo and said in a presser that the first time he had ever seen the racist yearbook photo was when a staffer brought it to his attention last Friday.

Northam said there must have been a mix up with the photos by yearbook staffers — yeah right!

The embattled Democrat Governor refuses to resign despite calls for him to step down by both Democrats and Republicans.

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