Rescue Underway in China’s Barbaric Dog Meat Trade — Organization Seeks US Homes and Donations

The non-partisan Rescue + Freedom Project is currently in the midst of a  rescue operation in China, saving some adorable dogs that have been horrifically beaten and tortured in the country’s dog meat trade.

Dog and cat meat was shockingly not illegal in the United States until the Trump administration included a ban in the Farm Bill.

The goal of the Rescue + Freedom Project is to save animals from laboratory testing and the dog meat trade.

Their aim with laboratory animals is to find them loving homes after they are no longer being used for research. It is a uniting effort that every American can and should rally around. RFP works with laboratories to negotiate them into releasing their dogs to the organization instead of putting them to death when they are done with them. They also advocate for living cruelty-free and have developed an app, Cruelty-Cutter, that will alert you to which products are tested on animals and which are not.

The group has also been rescuing dogs from China and saving them from a life of torture and cruelty before being slaughtered for meat.

“TERRIFIED of being BEATEN again with a large branch they turn away. We are currently working to RESCUE these dogs from the DOG MEAT TRADE in China. Dogs are commonly beaten and tortured as they believe it adds flavor to the dog meat,” RFP explained in a Facebook post about their current operation.

The organization is a favorite of animal-lover Lara Lee Trump.

Currently, RFP is working with partners in China who are rescuing dogs and bringing them to the United States to find loving homes. The group posted a heartbreaking video of the dogs they are currently rescuing, being beaten by a dog meat worker with a large stick.

“With your donations we can rescue the dogs in this video and many others! There are a dozen more we are in the process of getting – urgent donations are needed now for their flights and medical care,” RFP wrote.

People who wish to contribute can do so directly in the Facebook post above, or on their website. Those who are interested in adopting or fostering an animal can apply to do so here.


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