Democrats Should Be Embarrassed By Chicago Mayoral Election Results

While much of the prevailing media wisdom is that “History was made” for “diversity” in Chicago as a result of Tuesday’s mayoral Election, we have a different takeaway. Democrats at large and Chicago Democrats in specific should be embarrassed by Chicago’s election results.

Yes, it is historic that an African American woman will be the next mayor of Chicago. Sadly, no matter who wins the runoff, the next mayor will be a progressive who will only dig Chicago into a bigger fiscal hole than the one the city is already in.

That said, the reason Democrats should be embarrassed is because only 32.8% of the voting public participated in this “historic event.” That’s pathetic.

Democrats are constantly crowing about how President Trump has to be impeached because he’s a threat to our democracy. But what do Democrats care about democracy when less than 33% of them vote in their own elections in a town owned lock stock and smoking barrel by their own party? It shows Democrats don’t care about democracy. They only care about their own power. Why bother voting when that power is locked in regardless of result?

Democrats want the entire nation to look like Chicago…One party, a demoralized voting base, with elected officials who will never be able to fix the problems their own party has baked into the system by design.

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