Dem Sen. Feinstein Snaps at Children Asking Her to Support Radical Green New Deal, “How Old Are You?” (VIDEO)

California Dem Senator Dianne Feinstein, 85, snapped at children who were pressuring her to support the radical “Green New Deal” put forth by the far-left wing of her party.

A group of children and teens associated with ‘Sunrise Movement,’ a far left environmental group, confronted Senator Feinstein in her office about the Green New Deal.

The Sunrise Movement posted video of the confrontation to their social media Friday and it showed Feinstein getting very testy with the children.

“Some scientists have said that we have 12 years to turn this around,” a little girl said as she held a sign.


What appeared to be a chaperone then chimed in and said, “Senator, if this doesn’t get turned around in 10 years, you’re looking at the faces of the people who are going to be living with these consequences.”

Another zealous little girl chimed in, “The government is supposed to be for people, and by the people!”

Feinstein started to lose her cool.

“You know what’s interesting about this group is, I’ve been doing this for 30 years,” Feinstein said with her arms folded. “I know what I’m doing. You come in here, and you say it has to be my way or the highway. I don’t respond to that. I’ve gotten elected, I just ran. I was elected by almost a million vote plurality. And I know what I’m doing. So, you know maybe people should listen a little bit.”

At this point a black teenager interrupted Feinstein and said “we’re the ones who voted for you…you’re supposed to listen to us, that’s your job.”

Feinstein interrupted the teen and asked, “How old are you?”

“I’m 16. I can’t vote,” the girl responded.

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Feinstein slammed her and said, “Well you didn’t’ vote for me.”

The group of children and teens erupted after Feinstein slammed the teen.


The saddest part about this video is seeing how brainwashed the little children are — these innocent children have been indoctrinated by far-left radicals and they actually believe that paying more taxes to the government will somehow control the climate and save the planet.

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