Congressional Border Deal: $5.3 Billion to Israel, Ukraine, Jordan …But Only $1.37 Billion for Limited Border Fence

Congressional negotiators announced on Monday night they have a border wall funding agreement they believe President Trump will sign into law.

The agreement was announced by a group of lawmakers led by Republican Sen. Richard Shelby and Democratic Rep. Nita Lowey, after a closed-door meeting on Capitol Hill.

On Wednesday FOX News announced Democrats slipped a “poison pill” into the deal that will prevent the 55 miles of wall from being built.


But the agreement is even worse than what is being reported.

The agreement specifies areas where Trump cannot build any wall.

Funds can only be used to make steel bollard design… no concrete wall, no prototypes. Same thing as what Bush and Obama built… just a little bit taller.

$1.375 billion for a border fence…

And $5.3 billion in gift money to Israel, Ukraine, and Jordan.

Once again, the Republican Party failed to deliver to their voters.
This agreement is a disgrace.
The GOP got rolled.

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