BREAKING: NEW LEAD In Jussie Smollett Case – Retailers Of Rope Jussie Wore For Police Identified

Just over a week ago, obscure actor, Jussie Smollett, made national headlines when he claimed he’d been beaten by two racist and homophobic Trump supporters in Chicago at 2am on one of the coldest nights in years.

Smollette’s story quickly raised suspicions leading to an unprecedented investigation for a crime of this nature.

If Jussie is telling the truth, the crime is heinous and the thugs must be caught and brought to justice. If, on the other hand, Jussie is lying about what happened that night, then HE needs to be brought to justice for wasting tens of thousands of dollars in police resources, not to mention the opportunity costs of all the time not spent on real cases while they chased down this one.


Police are making progress getting to the truth about what, if anything, happened to actor Jussie Smollet.

Rafer Weigel reports:

If this guy is lying, he’s screwed.

Rafer is bravely doing the job of an old fashioned reporter. He’s getting information from official and background sources, and reporting it regardless of political/social implications. Straight. Unbiased. No wonder hacks like DeRay are attacking him!

He’s reporting what police are saying, Dray. Note the 2nd word in the previous sentence.

Yeah, that’s just crazy town right there. The police have been extremely consistent in treating Mr Smollett as a victim of a crime. If anything, Mr Smollett is receiving preferential treatment. How many other muggings in his neighborhood receive this many police man hours? This is not the only alleged racial attack to go down in the very high rent Streeterville neighborhood. (He’s living with the 1%ers fo sho!) Has there ever been a police response of this magnitude for any other similar crime that happens regularly in Chicago?

In fact, just last year, this same neighborhood had to putout warnings due to violent attacks. I wonder how many man hours were spent investigating these crimes vs those alleged by Jussie Smollett.



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