BREAKING: Jussie Smollett Indictment Imminent – To Come ‘IN HOURS — Not Days’

Emmy award-winning anchor and reporter at Chicago’s Fox 32 is reporting that his sources in the Chicago Police Department said that Jussie Smollett will be indicted for filing a false police report in “hours, not days.”

Additionally, Smollett has added lawyer Mark Geragos to his legal team. Garagos is infamous for representing Michael Jackson and murderer Scott Peterson.

“Top attorney Mark Geragos has joined #JussieSmollett legal team. He is assisting Todd Pugh and Victor Henderson. #CPD sources tell me an indictment of #Smollett could be coming in ‘a matter of hours. Not days,'” Weigel tweeted on Wednesday afternoon.

The news comes shortly after Smollett’s legal team managed to postpone testimony before a grand jury from the two Nigerian brothers who claim that the Empire actor paid them to stage the attack. Many have speculated that it was postponed because of a possible plea deal, though the details remain unknown.

The brothers have also claimed that Smollett was behind a threatening letter that was sent to him a week before the “attack.”

Smollett has repeatedly denied that the “assault” was an elaborate hoax.

“About a dozen search warrants have now been issued, including ones for Smollett’s financial and phone records, and detectives are waiting for those records to come back,” CBS reports.


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