Breaking: Jorge Ramos and Univision News Crew Being Held By Maduro in Venezuela; Update: Freed, But Interview Confiscated

UPDATE: Univision’s President of News Daniel Coronell reports he has spoken with Ramos:

“Confirmed: I’m talking to . He and the other team members were released. The equipment and the material of the interview that he disliked were confiscated.”

“Our companions were released, but the subject of the interview that Nicholas Maduro did not like was confiscated. Univision News president confirms that Jorge, María, Claudia, Juan Carlos, Martín and Francisco are fine.”

Live interview with Ramos following release:

“Our colleague narrates as after several minutes of mature interview he got up and they confiscated the material, they took away the equipment, put them in a security room and interrogated them.”

Univision is reporting Monday night that their anchor Jorge Ramos and his staff are being held by disputed Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro at the Miraflores Palace in Caracas because Maduro was upset by the questions posed by Ramos.

Screen image via Univision shows photograph of Ramos interviewing Maduro on Thursday.

“Attention: A team, headed by , is being arbitrarily detained at the Miraflores Palace in Caracas. They were interviewing but he didn’t like the questions. Their technical equipment was also confiscated.”

Translation via software:

“Jorge and the team of journalists who accompany him remain incommunicado within Miraflores. His teams were confiscated, we assume to avoid the spread of the full content of the interview he had this afternoon with Nicolás Maduro.”

The Mexico born Ramos became a United States citizen in 2008, making his release the business of President Trump with whom Ramos has clashed over immigration and border issues.

More as the story develops.

UPDATE: The State Department issued a statement demanding the re;ease of Ramos and the Univision crew. Kimberly Breier, Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, posted:

“. has received word the journalist and his team are being held against their will at Miraflores Palace by Nicolas Maduro. We insist on their immediate release; the world is watching.

UPDATE: Univision report:

UPDATE: CNN’s Brian Stelter on Ramos’ detention:

“I just spoke with Univision’s . He said Maduro “stopped the interview” with this evening. “Jorge managed to call us” while the crew was being detained, “and in the middle of the call, they took his phone away,” Zamora said.”

NBC News: “A producer with Ramos sent a text message to managers at the Univision network headquarters in Doral, Florida, that a representative from the presidential palace had abruptly stopped the interview with Maduro, and was taking their phones away –

UPDATE: Venezuela official tells reporter Ramos and crew released, but not yet confirmed with contact.

“The Minister of Communications assured me that and the other members of the team were released and headed for their hotel. I haven’t been able to talk to them.”

Buzzfeed reporter says a U.S. official confirms release:” US official tells Jorge Ramos and Univision journalists have been released after being detained while interviewing Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro”

The Mexican government weighed in:

“The Government of Mexico has said to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela their concern and protest about what happened in the palace of Miraflores today to Jorge Ramos and his team. Peniley Ramirez from Univision has just informed us that they have been released.”


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