Awful. Kellyanne Conway Describes Violent Assault by “Out of Control” Woman at Restaurant in October (VIDEO)

Former Trump Campaign Manager and counselor to President Trump spoke with CNN on Friday about a violent assault by an “out of control” woman at a restaurant in October.

Kellyanne Conway told CNN’s Dana Bash that she was grabbed and shaken by a woman while out with her teenage daughter in a Maryland restaurant in October.

Kellyanne Conway: I was assaulted in a restaurant and that person has to go to court soon… I was standing next to my daughter and many of her friends at dinner and she was right here right next to me and her friends were too and somebody was grabbing me from behind, grabbing my arms and shaking me to the point that I thought somebody was hugging me, maybe one of the parents was there to pick up his or her daughter. And then when I turned around it just felt weird. It felt like that was a little aggressive. And I turned around and the woman had grabbed my hands and she was just unhinged. She was out of control. I don’t even know how to explain her to you. Her whole face was terror and anger and she was right here and my daughter was right there. She ought to pay for that. She ought to pay for that because she has no right to touch anybody. She put her hands on my because she put her hands on me. I said get your hands off me.

This is the type of crap and abuse Republicans face today on a regular basis.


Kellyanne is pressing charges against the woman.

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