AWFUL! Anti-Semitic Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar REFUSES TO APOLOGIZE for Smearing Catholic Covington Kids (VIDEO)

EWTN’s Capitol Hill Correspondent Jason Calvi caught up with anti-Semitic Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar in the halls of Capitol Hill on Wednesday.

When confronted on her bigoted attacks on the Catholic boys from Covington High School the far left Democrat refused to apologize.

Rep. Omar refused to apologize to #CovingtonCatholic boys, and told me “in life there are consequences,” when I asked her about her deleted tweet falsely accusing them of leading “racist chants.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar: The message I would have for them is in life there are consequences for the way that you behave. I feel sorry for the way that some of them have gotten blame and hurt. But I also recognize that in the way that the video appeared that there was a native elder who was intervening and really showing care for what it looked like to mediate a difficult situation. And I wanted to hold him in space in my heart and to have a conversation on what hate, division, in this country looks like. That is often capitulated by the inhabitor of the White House.

The kids were set up.
She still blames the kids.
And she somehow managed to blame Trump too.



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