Where is Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Absence of Public Appearances Leads to Growing Rumors

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dozes during President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address to Congress, January 20, 2015, by Alex Wong / Getty Images

Where is Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg?  Her absence of public appearances is leading to rumors that the 85 year old is being kept alive on life support after having cancer surgery.

As the days go by and there are no sightings of far left liberal judge Ginsburg after her having lung surgery for cancer, people are starting to wonder where she is at?



Even the great James Woods is wondering “Where’s Ruth?”

One individual on Twitter suggests that Justice Ginsburg is being kept alive by life support only after her recent surgery –


It’s clear that Democrats don’t want President Trump to nominate a third justice to the Supreme Court.  Replacing far-left Ginsburg with another judge who will uphold the constitution will be devastating to the liberal cause to turn the US into a social nightmare like Venezuela. 

Where is Ruth?

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