“We Build the Wall” Founder Joins Maria Bartiromo to Discuss GoFundMe Border Wall Effort — $20.7 Million Raised So Far in Historic Campaign

“We Build the Wall” founder veteran and triple amputee Brian Kolfage joined Maria Bartiromo this past week to discuss launching the historic effort to privately fund the Trump border wall.

“We Build the Wall” added several prominent board members to oversee the management of funds raised.
Board members include Sheriff David Clarke, Erik Prince, Kris Kobach, two “angel” parents and a former Congressman.

** Remember— If you contributed to the GoFundMe page before January 11 YOU MUST OPT IN HERE to make sure your donation is transferred to the secure “We Build the Wall” organization.


We hear that of the 324,144 donors who contributed on or before January 11th, 51% responded in the first 7 days.
Of those who responded, 93.4% still want their donation to go to building the wall.
The people want the wall!

If you donated before January 11 you still have 82 more days to opt-in!

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