Washed Up Comedian Kathy Griffin Tells WH Press Secretary to “F**k Off!” — Keeps Her Twitter Account

On Thursday White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders posted a letter that President Donald Trump sent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi informing her that her upcoming “public relations” trip to Afghanistan, Egypt, and Brussels has been postponed so that she can stay in DC and negotiate with him.

Pelosi was told to fly commercial — on her own dime.

Democrat lawmakers were furious over this move by Trump.
They would be forced to pay for their spouses to fly commercial and would not be able to charge US taxpayers for the public relations jaunt.


Liberals were also furious.
Washed up comedian Kathy Griffin told the White House Press Secretary to “f**k off!”

Griffin followed that tweet up by calling the US President a mother f**ker.

Of course, Griffin is allowed to hurl this vile insults at the White House and Republicans.
Conservatives on Twitter get banned for MUCH LESS.

The Republican Party is unwilling to fight this battle of internet fairness.
They are too weak and afraid.

We are living in dangerous times.

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