Voter Fraud Watch: CA Elections Officials Warned DMV Wasn’t Ready to Launch New ‘Motor Voter’ Plan – California Launched it Anyway

One way non-citizens are registering to vote (and ultimately vote) is through the criminal ‘motor voter’ program.

Recall, the ‘Motor Voter Act’ was signed by Bill Clinton in 1993 and has expanded exponentially by Democrat lawmakers since it went into effect in 1995.

California is one of the worse offenders being that they give non-citizens, including illegal aliens driver’s licenses.

It gets worse…

The new ‘motor voter’ plan the Democrats in California rolled out last year calls for the DMV to automatically register people who came into their offices.

What could possibly go wrong?

Now it is being reported that California elections officials warned Secretary of State Alex Padilla that the DMV was not ready to launch this aggressive motor voter program, but California went ahead anyway and the results were a disaster (for Republicans).

Via the SacBee:

“There wasn’t the appropriate readiness to go forward in April, and that was brought to the Secretary of State,” said Dean Logan, registrar for Los Angeles County, adding that he “definitely expressed concern” to the Secretary of State’s Office, as well as Padilla himself.

“The concern from registrars across the state, including myself, was not a resistance to moving forward. We supported the move to the New Motor Voter program in the long term. The concern was had there been adequate testing and development to be ready for the June election.”

California moved forward anyway.

The DMV has since acknowledged making 105,000 registration errors since Motor Voter began on April 23, 2018. Some customers were registered with the wrong party. Others who wished to opt out of the program were nevertheless signed up. At least one non-citizen was added to the voter rolls, and the Secretary of State’s Office is continuing to investigate whether more non-citizens were included.

“The decision to launch Motor Voter was jointly made by the Secretary of State’s office, DMV, CDT, and Governor (Jerry) Brown’s Administration,” Padilla said in a statement issued by his office. “This project took into consideration workload and logistics for all partners. While I have expressed frustration with some of the data transfer errors since the launch of Motor Voter, the program has been an overall success, adding over 800,000 new voters to the rolls. I look forward to working with Governor Newsom and his administration to continue improving voter registration at the DMV.”

Joe Holland, president of the California Association of Clerks and Election Officials says he also warned Alex Padilla not to launch the program so close to the midterm elections.

“Our recommendation was not to deploy it that close to an election,” he said. “That was the opinion of most registrar of voters.”

The SacBee reported that this program ultimately hurt Republicans and flipped at least one district for the Democrats.

Motor Voter registration data shows half of the 186,022 new voters registered without a party preference, while 35 percent were Democrats and 15 percent were Republicans. The unusual uptick in “no party preference” registrations has disproportionately hurt Republicans.

Paul Mitchell, a political consultant and vice president of the bipartisan voter data firm Political Data, said the DMV registration may have affected just one district that flipped for Democrats. “But in 2020, it could definitely have a huge impact on the candidates that get nominated in the primaries and in general election outcomes,” he said.

Between ‘ballot harvesting’ (voter fraud) and this aggressive motor voter plan passed by the Democrats in California (which is allowing non-citizens to vote), the American taxpayer in the state is being deprived of their voices.

Similar ‘motor voter’ laws in Pennsylvania and a so-called ‘glitch’ in the process allowed for thousands of non-citizens to easily register to vote.

The motor voter laws are working exactly how the Democrats intended them to work.

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