#VerifiedBullies Campaign Takes Twitter By Storm to Defend Covington Catholic Students

A petition defending the Covington Catholic students has gained over 13,000 signatures in less than a day — and now the authors are pushing a campaign called #VerifiedBullies — which is asking people to tweet screenshots of the verified Twitter accounts that were cyberbullying and threatening the teens.

The Twitter storm was launched by the crew at Culttture, a new TMZ-of-sorts for the pro-Trump crowd, who will also be publicly asking the platform’s executives to address every screenshot shown. The organizers will be providing Twitter with a lengthy list of verified accounts calling for violence or harassment of the students, along with screenshots and archives.







The petition was launched by 16-year-old political commentator CJ Pearson, who is also a pro-Trump high school student.

“As this episode has played out, new videos have emerged, directly in conflict with the narrative of the mainstream media. It was not the students from Covington who approached the Native American. It was the Native American who approached the students from Covington. It was not the students from Covington who chanted “Build The Wall”. It was, however, one of the Native Americans who told the students from Covington to ‘go back to Europe’. It was not the students from Covington who instigated this fiasco. It was Native American activist, Nathan Phillips,” the petition reads.

Pearson also helped to launch a database collecting names and screenshots of the verified bullies. The Gateway Pundit has reviewed the database, and confirmed that it contains thousands of instances of smears, threats and harassment of the kids from adult journalists and celebrities.

The student hopes that the database will help families of students who wish to file lawsuits for defamation and harassment. The Gateway Pundit spoke to two families of boys in the video, both of whom have reached out to lawyer Robert Barnes — who offered to represent them pro-bono.

“As a 16 year old boy, I know exactly what the Covington Boys are going through. And what they are going through, no teenager should ever have to. They’re being maligned, labeled racists, white supremacists, and bigots under entirely false pretenses. Each and every one of these tweets will be documented using the #VerifiedBullies database, created by me and my friend Ali Alexander, and justice will be sought. You can bet on that,” Pearson told The Gateway Pundit.


“We’ve provided these to the Twitter team, urging them to take action against these #VerifiedBullies. Any libelous tweets will be passed onto the legal counsel of the students at Covington Catholic,” Pearson continued.


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