Trans-Black German Model Believes She Can Have Black Baby with Trans-Black Husband

Martina Big is a trans-black model who takes melanin shots to color her skin black.

Martina is also known for having the biggest fake breasts in Europe.

Martina is a German Caucasian woman.
Martina’s husband is also German and also trans-black.


Martina believes she will have a black baby with her trans-black husband.

TwentyTwoWords reported:

This is a story that seems to defy Darwin. It seems like there are some people who make it through despite natural selection.

Enter Martina Big, the woman who believes she has changed race and so will have a different colour of baby.

Yes you read that right.

There is a white, blonde, German woman who thinks that she is now a different race to the one that she was born as.

This woman has been using melanin injections to darken her skin colour.

She used to be white with blond hair, now she has darker skin with darker hair. Ergo she is now a different race.

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