Top Pro-Trump Conservative Suspended from Facebook For Writing “Cpl. Singh Was Murdered by Criminal Illegal Alien”

Truth is the new Hate Speech–
Reporters were up in arms when news broke recently that Google would help China with a censored search engine.

But Big Tech is already censoring Christians, nationalists, populists, pro-life, pro-Trump conservatives on a daily basis in America and the West and nothing is done about it.

And it’s getting worse.


On Thursday Facebook continued their war against conservative voices.

Popular pro-Trump conservative Scott Presler was banned from Facebook for posting about how Corporal Ronil Singh was murdered by a criminal illegal alien.

Scott wrote on Facebook:

Reggie Singh, I don’t know you.  I didn’t know your brother.  But I want you to know how brave you are.  Millions of Americans hearts break for your family.  We stand with you in protecting our families from criminal illegal aliens.

This was listed as “hate speech” and Scott was suspended.


Scott told The Gateway Pundit:

“I’d like to know whay Facebook doesn’t want me to honor a brown American who bravely served our country as a police officer. Why is immigrant Ronil Singh’s life unimportant to Mark Zuckerberg who built a wall around his home in Hawaii? This is another clear example of the cencorship Big Tech companies employ against conservative voices, especially those who are able to effectively rail against fake democrat narratives. I’m not going to stop talking about how Ronil Singh was murdered by a criminal illegal alien.”

The tech giants are working overtime to make sure conservative voices are eliminated from the internet.
It’s just starting.

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