TGP EXCLUSIVE… Socialist Regime Teeters on Edge — Chavez Statue TORCHED – Goes Up in Smoke! (VIDEO) — RIOTS IN THE STREET

The Socialist regime in Venezuela teeters on the edge tonight.

The people are out on the streets protesting the brutal and corrupt Marxist Maduro regime.

The socialist dream in Venezuela is in tatters just like the evil socialist regimes before it.
Yet here in America we have a political party that is pushing this evil filth.

** The Gateway Pundit has sources on the ground in Caracas.


The people in Caracas TORCHED the giant Hugo Chavez Statue!

This video took place within the last two hours.
From a confidential journalist.

From our contacts– A message to America and the young ignorant Socialists:

El socialismo falló a los pobres y enriqueció a los poderosos.

Socialism failed the poor and enriched the powerful.

Sin libertad de ideas, la violencia se convierte en el lenguaje de las personas.

With no freedom of ideas, violence becomes the language of the people.

Our contact journalists are living in fear for their lives.
From our contact tonight:

I say goodbye because I do not know if tomorrow communication will be so fluid. There are many sectors at this time without electric power and the first 16-year-old named Alixon Pizani died in Catia due to firearms in the protests.

God is with me, nothing will be missing and I promise to take care of myself. Tomorrow will be an important day for my country.

Thank you for being in my life, he loves you very much and he misses you.

Please pray for the people of Venezuela!

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