Teen at Center of Covington Media Uproar Tells Left-wing Hack on Today Show He’s Not Sorry for Silent Staredown with Liar Nathan Phillips (VIDEO)

Covington Catholic high School junior Nick Sandmann went on with left-wing hack Savannah Guthrie on The Today Show on Wednesday morning.

Guthrie pleaded with the child to issue an apology for his “aggressive behavior” to the unhinged Native American who was beating his drum in his face.

Indian Nathan Philips then went to the media and lied about how he was disrespected and how the children were chanting “build the wall” which was another lie.
Phillips also lied about his service for years saying he was a Vietnam veteran.

Nick told Guthrie he was not sorry for his silent staredown with liar Nathan Phillips who was pounding his drum in the boy’s face.


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