Striking Los Angeles Teachers Bully, Threaten Substitutes Crossing Picket Line – Post Names of Subs

More than 30,000 Los Angeles public school teachers walked out of classrooms and joined the picket line as contract negotiations stalled on Monday.

The Los Angeles teachers union is complaining about the 40+ students per classroom. The teachers are demanding smaller classrooms and higher salaries.

The Commie Lib teachers aren’t happy they have to teach millions of illegal alien children for free in LA’s sanctuary utopia so they’re demanding more money. Figures.

In the meantime, hundreds of substitute teachers were hired so the schools could remain open and children can continue learning.


The LA teachers who are on strike are now bullying and threatening substitute teachers who dare defy the union and cross the picket line.

One woman identified as Deana Cambell, (screenshot below) posted the names of a few of the substitute teachers in a since-deleted tweet with a caption, “These subs crossed our picket line.”

The district’s superintendent Austin Beutner said that a fact finder ruled that if the union were to get everything they are demanding, LAUSD would be bankrupt in a few years.

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