Brad Parscale: Newest Voter Score Tracking Shows Trump with Peak Approval Rating

Two days after President Trump gave a prime time address to the nation on the need for a border wall, there have been no national polls released on reaction to Trump’s speech. News searches at Google and Twitter as of this writing show that only a statewide poll on Trump’s speech was done of California voters by SurveyUSA that predictably broke along party lines in the strongly anti-Republican state.

The day of Trump’s speech, a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted over the course of the week before the speech, Jan. 1-7, was published that showed a slim majority, 51 percent, blamed Trump for the government shutdown over his demand for border funding and the Democrats’ adamant refusal to fund a wall.

Also on the day of Trump’s speech, Politico reported on a poll where a plurality, 42 percent, blamed Trump for the shutdown. However the Politico/Morning Consult poll, conducted Jan. 4-6, showed a majority believe the border is in crisis or is a problem.

“Trump is expected to make the case Tuesday night for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. He has described conditions along the border from California east to Texas as “a crisis” — but less than half of voters (42 percent) view it as ‘a crisis,‘ the poll shows. There is, however, widespread belief that the border is a serious issue: In addition to the 4-in-10 voters who say the border situation is ‘a crisis,‘ another 37 percent say the U.S. has ‘a problem‘ along the border, though they don’t view it as a crisis.”

But no national polls are being reported on two days after the Trump’s speech. Meanwhile Trump reelection campaign manager Brad Parscale reported via Twitter the day after Trump’s speech that President Trump’s approval rating is the highest ever, but he did not release a number.

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“Just received my newest voter score tracking from my team. has reached his highest national approval rating since I started tracking. The have really made a mistake going with their gut over data.”

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