SNL Writer Offers Blowj*bs in Exchange for Someone Punching a Covington Catholic Student in the Face

UPDATE: An SNL writer has responded to this story by saying that Sarah Beattie does not write for them — despite her claims of being a contributor. Stolen valor in comedy?

Due to her claims of working for them when she doesn’t, the show will now “clear up this confusion by scrolling a list of the writers’ names at the end of every show.”

The original report:

A contributing writer for Saturday Night Live has offered her followers a blowjob if they physically assault one of the kids from Covington Catholic High School.

Despite the media narrative being widely debunked — and the proof that the kids were well-behaved while adults hurled racial slurs and insults at them — “comedian” Sarah Beattie has opted to solicit violence in exchange for sex acts.

“I will blow whoever manages to punch that maga kid in the face,” Beattie tweeted on Monday afternoon.


Beattie is part of an alarming trend of adults calling for violence against these teenage students — without any repercussions from Twitter. Their lack of action on the hundreds of verified accounts cyberbullying and calling for real world violence against these kids is proof that there is no TOS for the left.

On Sunday morning, Twitter informed concerned users that a Los Angeles-based DJ had not violated their TOS when he called for the school to be lit on fire with the kids inside, and for his followers to shoot them.

We have reached out to Saturday Night Live and NBC for comment and will update this if one is provided.

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