Rush Limbaugh: Donald Trump Will Keep His Promise to Secure Our Country

Hide the children!

President Trump held a national address the perils of open borders and illegal immigration on Tuesday.

Democrat leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi delivered the response.
like two morticians.

On Wednesday Rush Limbaugh told his audience President Trump will keep his promise on border security and the wall.

Here are a few paragraphs from Rush’s segment on the president’s address from last night.


RUSH: I’m gonna go back to something Vice President Pence said, because it’s important. And I asked him his reaction to Senator Lindsey Graham. Senator Graham is on television saying that if the president caves to the Democrats on this, if there is any indication of any capitulation or caving, if there is any result that translates or looks like a Democrat victory, Lindsey Graham is saying that’s the end of our party, the Republican Party. That will be the end of the Republican Party as an electoral force for 20 years…

…Our country remains in a crisis! You know, for all of these people that still lament the election of Donald Trump, the alternative was simply unacceptable, Hillary Clinton and three more terms of Barack Obama policy. It was unacceptable. Bye-bye America, as founded. There was no alternative. And Trump remains it. And I thought he was very persuasive last night…

Okay. President Trump went up to Capitol Hill today, had lunch, I think, with the congressional Republicans. That’s right. And he spoke with reporters about border security when this thing was over. It might have been at the beginning of it. I’m not sure. The reporter said, “Why don’t you just declare a national emergency?”

THE PRESIDENT: I may do that at some point. If Chuck and Nancy, who I’m meeting with I believe in a little while, if they don’t agree to the fact that our country has really got problems with crime, with drugs, with a lot of other things that come through our southern border, so much of it comes through the southern border. You look at heroin, 90% through the southern border, so much, so many problems. And if they can’t get that through or if they feel that politically — I don’t know why it’s good politically. You know, I don’t care politically. I’m doing what’s right for the country. But I’ll tell you, it’s a very bad political issue for the Democrats. The Republicans are totally unified.

RUSH: He just doesn’t stop here, folks, and he’s not caving to any of these narratives. “Why don’t you just declare a national emergency! You boob!” And Trump comes out with the answer, and then the piece de resistance, it’s a very bad political issue for the Democrats. By the way, it is! Have you seen the polling? I mean, the media’s filled with a bunch of garbage today about more and more people are starting to blame Trump for this shutdown. Nowhere near a lot.

And there hasn’t been any change in the poll that 93% of the American people think it is a major, major problem that needs to be addressed, the open border aspect down there.

The Democrats are on the wrong side of this, if you want to look at it politically. And they’re on the wrong side of it morally, more importantly.

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