ROGER STONE EXCLUSIVE: We Will Reveal Who FBI Informant “Henry Greenberg” Is, Why the FBI Let Him in Country, And Why He Tried to Set Me Up


By Roger Stone

The recent decision by special counsel Robert Mueller to request the transcript of my 4 1/2 hours of closed -door testimony before the house intelligence committee is the result of an insidious and relentless one-year campaign of distortion and disinformation by Congressman Adam Schiff and his flunkies on House Intelligence Committee.

Please remember that I wanted my testimony to be in public so that everyone could make their own decisions about my veracity and agreed to testify behind closed doors only reluctantly and did so voluntarily that even today I am not allowed to have a copy of the transcript of my own testimony. While my attorneys are allowed to travel to Washington to review my testimony they must go to a secure a room in the house of representatives where they are not allowed to take notes. I have called repeatedly for the public release of my testimony by the Committee to no avail.

“The contacts between Roger Stone and his associates and Wikileaks that we are seeing more publicly about, indicate that his testimony was far from truthful before our committee, but that the contacts with Wikileaks were more extensive than was known”- Rep. Adam Schiff. This is a bald-faced lie from world class con man and bullschiff artist. I identified the source who told me of both the political significance and the October release of the Wikileaks disclosures as former New York talk show host Randy Credico and I turned over an innocuous twitter direct message exchange with the Wikileaks PR person to the Committee over a year ago.

If Schiff is referring to recent reports regarding Jerry Corsi, he denies any contact with Wikileaks or Assange and I know of no evidence to the contrary. I challenge this huckster to put up any evidence to prove his defamatory charge . Time to Schiff or get off the pot!

Personally, I take the fact that Schiff is urging Mueller to jack me up me with some phony perjury charge as proof positive that neither the Special Counsel nor the House Intelligence Committee Democrats have any evidence of Russian collusion, collaboration with WikiLeaks or any proof whatsoever that I had advance knowledge of the source or content of the WikiLeaks disclosures that so roiled the 2016 campaign.

There is positively no evidence whatsoever that I received anything including allegedly hacked emails from WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, Dr. Jerry Corsi, Russian intelligence or anyone else.

Complicit in this attempt at distortion are a number of fake news reporters who aren’t even smart enough to hide their bias and unprofessionalism or the fact that Schiff and his cohorts are their sources for the torrent of recycled disinformation which they gleefully publish. They endlessly report Randy Credico’s denials that he was my (perfectly legal) source but fail to report the more than 30 pages of text messages I released proving my testimony in this regard is entirely truthful.

These are , of course, the same “news outlets” who reported that I “admitted to spreading lies in my daily broadcast on InfoWars in the settlement of a recent lawsuit when what I actually said was “ I have never knowingly and willfully reported or broadcast anything on InfoWars or any platform that I knew not to be true at the time I reported it. When factual errors were brought to my attention I issued an apology and a retraction.”

The fact that the Special Counsel’s- investigation as well as the inquisition by the House Intelligence Committee Democrats has devolved into tortured perjury traps or the creation of trumped up process crimes only underlines the falsity of their entire premises; that I engaged in collusion with the Russians or collaborated with the WikiLeaks to release devastatingly embarrassing information regarding Hillary Clinton.

Ironically one of the issues in contention is the fact that I forgot an inconsequential contact from my man calling himself Henry Greenberg who tried to sell me negative information about Hillary Clinton, demanding $2 million of “Donald Trump‘s money for the information. Even the Washington Post correctly reported that I turned him down flatly in a meeting that lasted less than 15 minutes. What is more troubling is the undisputed fact that “Henry Greenberg” is indisputably an FBI informant who was only in the country on an informants visa. Mr. Schiff has no interest in who “Greenberg” really is and why an FBI informant was approaching me prior to the time the FBI says they opened their investigation into alleged Trump connections to Russia.

In the event that I am charged with some trumped up perjury crime we will surely get to the bottom of who exactly Henry Greenberg is, why an FBI informant was approaching me in an effort to compromise me and Donald Trump who else the Obama FBI may have attempted to compromise inside the circle of candidate Donald Trump advisors.

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