Right Wing Watch Troll Jared Holt Confuses Black Trump Supporters — Thinks All Blacks ‘Look The Same’

Jared Holt, the lead activist writer for the alt-left publication Right Wing Watch, apparently thinks all black people look the same.

Holt, who prides himself on being the man who deplatformed Alex Jones, was at the media scrum outside of the federal courthouse in DC as Trump advisor Roger Stone attended his first hearing following his arrest on Tuesday.

Though he puts on tough guy facade online, Holt was noticeably mute for most of the morning as Stone made his grand entrance and exit. A half dozen alt-left protesters were outnumbered by nearly two dozen pro-Stone supporters.


In his write-up following the hearing, Holt proclaimed that Enrique Tarrio (Chairman of the Proud Boys) was in attendance. However, Tarrio, an Afro-Cuban, is currently hitting the slopes out west on a long planned family vacation.

Holt simply saw another black man at the event donning a MAGA hat and assumed that he must be Tarrio, the article was archived.

After being called out on this extremely racist instance of “all blacks look the same”, Holt quickly scrubbed his article with no apology to Tarrio or the other person of color who he insulted by thinking they all “look the same.”

“Jared Holt thinking all blacks look the same is outrageous. There are several shades of black, but to Mr. Holt, we are just nameless faces,” Tarrio told the Gateway Pundit.

Holt’s adjusted article removes section about Tarrio all together, but no apology has been published.

Waiting outside the courthouse was a gaggle of members of the right-wing hate group, Proud Boys, including Stone mentee Jacob Engels and Big League Politics writer Luke Rohlfing, who both traveled from out-of-state. Rohlfing told us he financed his own trip to Washington for the arraignment hearing. Engels did not answer when asked who paid for his travel. The Proud Boys have been repeatedly drafted as Stone’s personal security force, and the group has backed Stone as he prepares to possibly stand trial in the Mueller investigation.

Hillary Clinton made the same off-color comment several months ago and was widely denounced. Maybe Mr. Holt’s next expose on racism and intolerance will have to be an introspective essay on his own deep seeded racism.

We won’t hold our breath!

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