PURE EVIL. NY Times Proves Their Hatred for Conservatives Once Again – Claims Steve King is Racist and Trump Is His Protégé

The left likes to lecture Americans on how not to generalize or judge a groups like MS13 based on a few bad apples who stabbed a couple kids to death after school.

Of course, this same rule does not apply to any conservative in America.

The New York Times on Thursday accused Trump and his supporters of being ignorant racists in their latest anti-conservative hit piece.

The Times interviewed Rep. Steve King this week and reported Steve was an advocate for white supremacy. Steve later released a statement.

Anyone who knows Steve King will tell you these representations of Steve are false and offensive. Steve King is a Christian and a patriot. He has ALWAYS spoken out for the grassroots and the persecuted in our society.

But the New York Times is a vicious rag that only wants to push their far left and dangerous agenda. The truth takes a backseat.

On Thursday The New York Times explained out Trump’s wall to secure the border is a racist idea because Steve King spoke about a wall and border security years ago.
This is what the New York Times thinks of half of America and anyone who believes in national security.

What sick, evil bastards.
They even included a video with their hit piece.

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