Private Donations Continue to Stream in for Trump Border Wall – 350,000 Donors — And 2/3 Opt In on Private Wall Non-Profit

Private donations continue to stream in for the “We Build the Wall” non-profit organization.

As of today, almost 350,000 people have donated.

Donations continue to pour in by the minute. Go to to track how frequently donations are coming in.

Here’s a screenshot from earlier today:

Private donors also continue to opt in on the new project.
Nearly two-thirds of donors have pushed their donation over to the new movement.

Founder Brian Kolfage reported this exciting news on Sunday, “I just received an update from GoFundMe on the status of our campaign and the news is really good. We have received 200,000 responses to opt-in or opt-out of the new plan to BUILD a wall on our southern border. GoFundMe is still working to confirm 40,000 of those, so we estimate that almost 2/3 of the original donors have responded with more than 93% choosing to opt-in.”


Brian says, “We aren’t releasing these numbers publicly because we are still working with GoFundMe to determine the exact figures and amounts but we estimate that the total amount raised from opt-ins is between $8-$11 million and we still have until April 11th to earn the support of the other 1/3 who haven’t yet responded.

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