Pelosi and Democrats to Offer Bill with NO MONEY for Border Wall — Count on Media’s Support (VIDEO)

Nancy Pelosi and Democrat leaders vowed to reopen the government but without funding for a border barrier or border wall.

Pelosi said in a statement: “We will vote swiftly to reopen government and show that Democrats will govern responsibly in stark contrast to this chaotic White House.”

But that vote will go nowhere because the President is standing firm on his demand for funding for a border wall with Mexico to stop the constant flow of illegal aliens, terrorists and drugs into the United States.

GOP Freedom Caucus Leader Mark Meadows slammed Pelosi in a Twitter response:

It looks like the shutdown will continue.
Trump is determined to secure the border.
Pelosi and Democrats are determined to keep the border open.

The Democrats are counting on the liberal media’s support on their dangerous plan.

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