Newly-Elected FL Gov. Ron DeSantis Issues Executive Order Eliminating Common Core From Florida Schools

Newly-elected Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced Thursday at a news conference that he is issuing an executive order to completely eliminate ‘Common Core’ from Florida schools.

Governor DeSantis said, “One of the things we would constantly hear about on the campaign trail is frustration from parents with Common Core and the testing.”

DeSantis said he wants to streamline standardized testing, increase literacy and make civics a priority in schools.

“Let’s get this right,” DeSantis said. “We want high quality, we want to demand excellence.”

“When you complained about Common Core, I heard you. I told you I would do something about (it), and today, we’re acting to bring those promises into reality.”

Florida is the fifth state to eliminate Common Core from schools.

Common Core was ushered in during the Obama years with a goal to infiltrate every area of society with Islam — Common Core standards was launched in 2009 by state leaders such as Governors in nearly all 50 states.

The Washington Times reported in 2015 that Common Core has ties to Saudi Arabia, Libya and Qatar which is why American students are taking trips to mosques and reciting the Islamic creed (Muslim conversion prayer) also known as the “Shahada” in class.

Here’s a small list of what public school students in America were participating in due to Common Core, via The Washington Times:

• Participating in public school-sponsored trips to mosques via taxpayer expense, girls must wear head scarves (Colorado parents complain)

• Debating whether or not the Holocaust was “merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain,” (an eighth-grade assignment defended by the Rialto Unified School District, Los Angeles)

• Pledging allegiance in Arabic (New York)

• Observing two “Muslim holy days,” (New York City)

Being taught Islamic vocabulary lessons (North Carolina)

• Being taught Islamic culture (Tennessee)

• Being taught world history from Islamic perspective (Florida) that includes learning about the five pillars of Islam(Maryland father, a Marine Corps veteran, complains and is banned from school grounds)

• Told to proselytize by creating a pamphlet about Islam to “introduce Islam to 3rd graders” that introduces Allah to children as the same God of the Christians and Jews (Michigan)

• Reciting in class the Shahada, “There is No God but Allah,” and the Muslim call to prayer (Massachusetts)

By eliminating Common Core from Florida schools, Ron DeSantis is removing the requirement for students to learn about the five pillars of Islam (indoctrination).

Bravo, Governor DeSantis!

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