New Video Surfaces of Liar Nathan Phillips ONCE AGAIN Claiming to Be a ‘Vietnam Vet’ — NOT a ‘Vietnam Times’ Vet

After it was proven that Native American far-left activist Nathan Phillips lied about being a Vietnam veteran, the media came to his aid stealth editing articles and claiming that he has only claimed to be a “Vietnam-time veteran” — but a new video has surfaced of him once again making the false claim.

On Wednesday evening, American Commitment President Phil Kerpen tweeted videos from Phillips’ Facebook page where he lied about his service.

Phillips hilariously claimed that he doesn’t “talk much” about his “Vietnam times.” In reality, this lie seems to be one of his favorite subjects.

“I don’t wear my veteran stuff here you know. I mean, I got the flag and I showed a couple pictures and I got other things too. I got some little medallions and medals that were given to me, and I had a lot more stolen from me. You know?” Phillips says, which is stealing valor.

Phillips also posted a “Vietnam War Veteran” medallion on his page on Veteran’s Day last year.

On Tuesday, The Washington Post and a slew of other outlets had to issue more retractions after falsely claiming that Phillips served in the Vietnam War. He didn’t — but this lie was previously used to help raise money for a documentary about his life.

The supportive media have also been stealth editing articles to change the wording from him claiming that he was a Vietnam veteran to a “Vietnam era” veteran.

Retired US Navy SEAL Don Shipley, who is known for publicly outing people for ‘stolen valor,’ obtained Phillips’ DD-214 form and exposed the truth.

Phillips originally claimed he was a Recon Ranger — there is no such thing as a Marine Recon Ranger, Rangers are in the Army. He was enlisted under the name Nathaniel Richard Stanard.

“Nathaniel Phillips enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserves on May 20th, 1972 and served until May 5th, 1976,” Don Shipley said as he read the DD-214 form. “He served under just four years and was discharged at the exalted rank of ‘Private.'”

Phillips went AWOL THREE TIMES while he was stationed at El Toro Marine Base in Southern California, according to his DD-214 form.


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