Never-Trumpers From National Review, Weekly Standard and CNN Doxed After Bad Takes on Covington Students

High profile Never-Trump “conservatives” who engaged in the pile on of Covington Catholic High Students have been doxed in retaliation.

The full list was provided to The Gateway Pundit by an anonymous source.

We previously reported it was in response to an article calling the Never-Trumpers out, but it was simply linking to it.

On Wednesday, a dox containing the names and addresses of people who had trashed the students — and many of their relatives — was uploaded online.

We will not be linking to the document, but it includes Deputy Managing Editor at National Review Nicholas Frankovitch as well as two of his relatives, National Review editor Richard Lowry and four of his relatives, Senior Editor of National Review Jay S. Nordlinger and four of his relatives, National Review opinion columnist Jonah Goldberg and three of his relatives, failed Weekly Standard founder and architect of the Iraq War Bill Kristol and four of his relatives, fake-Republican CNN commentator Ana Navarro, writer Ben Howe and two of his relatives, and political commentator S.E. Cupp.

The document outlines what they said about the children as the leftist smear campaign began.

For example, it linked to screenshots of these tweets from Kristol along with his info.

While it is hard to lose sleep over pretty much anything involving Kristol, doxing people is always wrong.

Since you’re here, watch Tucker Carlson destroy Kristol and the National Review over their shameful behavior. This is how you respond to them, not by doxing their families.


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