NEVER DOUBT That This is the Same Way They Think About You–> GOP Leaders Side With Lying New York Times Over Rep. Steve King

On Monday night Republican House leaders met in secret and voted unanimously to remove Rep. Steve King from all of his committee assignments.

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy and his team of Republican House leaders took the word of a dishonest New York Times hack who continues to lie and insist that Rep. King defended white supremacy.

Rep. King released a statement last night as we reported earlier.

The Republican leader then went before the liberal media and smeared Rep. King as a racist.


GOP leader Ronna McDaniel then followed Leader McCarthy and tweeted out her her own smear against white supremacist Steve King.

The self-acclaimed “conscience” of the Party Mitt Romney piled on and said King should leave Congress.

They all believed the lie.

NEVER DOUBT — This is the exact same way the Republican leadership thinks of their voters.

If they believe Steve King is a racist it only follows that they believe Iowa voters support a racist.

This was a watershed moment for the Republican Party.

We all knew after two years of the Trump presidency that the party has no regard for his agenda.
Now we know what they think of their voters.

For the record– Republican voters DO NOT support racism.
And they don’t support media lies either.

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