Mother of Covington High School Student Who Appeared in Viral Video Responds to New Footage of the Children Being Bullied By Protesters

The mother of one of the children who appeared in the viral video of Covington High School students being confronted by Native American protesters just saw the new footage of the students being bullied by adult men and her heart is broken.

Tearfully speaking to the Gateway Pundit by phone, the mother of a 14-year-old student — who we will refer to as Mrs. Smith to protect the identity of herself and her child — sobbed and expressed her heartache over what the grown men were saying to the boys.

The adult men, who call themselves black Israelites, were shouting racist slurs at the boys and calling them “future school shooters.”

WARNING: the footage is hard to watch and contains adult language:

Upon seeing the video, Mrs. Smith broke down. She cried her heart out on the phone as she described the guilt she feels for sending her son on the trip and not being there to protect him — even though it was clearly not her fault that they were subjected to this abuse.

“I just feel so bad — I debated with myself about sending him there because I have always protected him,” Mrs. Smith said through tears. “I didn’t want to let my paranoia about how things are in this country prevent him from experiencing high school. You know what I mean?”

Mrs. Smith explained that this was exactly what she feared would happen, but that she didn’t realize just how bad it was until she saw the new footage.

“I didn’t even realize how bad it was until I saw the video,” Mrs. Smith said. “When I saw that video I just felt so bad — where were the people to protect these kids when these men were screaming these things at them? Where were the police?! How can these men get away with that?”

The heartbroken mom continued on to explain how horrible it is to see these boys being victimized over and over again.

“These men victimized these boys — and then they get home and they are victimized again by their school and the mainstream media. It’s unreal to me how many times these boys are being victimized. I feel so bad. I feel so guilty,” Mrs. Smith said, unable to contain her emotion about seeing her son be verbally abused so badly.

“I had hesitation about him going, but I thought — these are kids. I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams that something like this would happen,” she continued. “I thought maybe there would be some people with signs — I didn’t think anyone would get up in their faces and call them those names, threaten them and yell at them like that.”

Mrs. Smith added that she doesn’t understand how people stood by and let that happen to the boys without doing anything to stop it.

“It’s so ugly. It’s just so ugly. I don’t know who those men are, but they should be in jail. They shouldn’t be allowed to do this to kids,” the mother demanded. “I can’t believe the amount of evil in this world.”

As we previously reported, the Native American protesters admitted to knowing what the men were saying to the boys when they joined them in the abuse in “solidarity.”

“Even though the hebrew Israelite brothers said some disrespectful things that I heard earlier on during our rally, I still put that aside and wanted to help. Thats their teaching, we have ours and thats what makes us equally beautiful,” the Native American protester wrote of what the African American Israelites were saying to the children.

Speaking to the Gateway Pundit on Sunday, one of the students explained what happened, which was completely confirmed by the video above:

“We went to the Lincoln Memorial because that is where our bus was going,” the student explained. “We were standing there when a group of four African-American protesters started calling us ‘crackers’ and ‘school shooters.’”

“So, we started doing school cheers, because our school is very big on school spirit. We have a lot of chants and cheers that we do, so we started doing them. Eventually, while we were doing that, the Native American man approached us and was banging his drum. He walked directly into the crowd and approached the one student that is all over the place right now. The boy just stood there. When I first saw it happening I was really confused. I didn’t know what was happening. I just saw this man approach a fellow student and start banging a drum in his face.”

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