More #FakeNews from CNN: Homeland Security Blasts CNN for “Grossly Misrepresented” Situation at Airports


Homeland Security spokesman Tyler Houlton demolished Fake News CNN on Twitter for completely misrepresenting the “non-existent sick out” at US airports.

CNN reported that HUNDREDS of Transportation Security Administration officers called in sick rather than work for a delayed paycheck.
It was fake news.


FOX News reported:

A Department of Homeland Security spokesman lashed out at CNN on Friday, labeling as “fake news” the network’s report that hundreds of Transportation Security Administration screeners at the nation’s airports have been staging a “sick out” this week amid the partial government shutdown.

In a tweet, DHS spokesman Tyler Houlton accused the network of failing to validate its data and not reaching out to agency officials for verification.

“More #FakeNews from @CNN. Security operations at airports have not been impacted by a non-existent sick out. CNN has the cell numbers of multiple @TSA public affairs professionals, but rather than validate statistics, they grossly misrepresented them,” the tweet read.

Daily Caller’s Saagar Enjeti has more.

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